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The Ottawa County Health Planning Commission, Inc. (OCHPC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that formed in 1997. The OCHPC develops long-range plans for future health care needs in our county and supports the local health agencies in meeting those needs. The mission of the OCHPC is to develop a well-defined, easily accessible, integrated system of health care and human services in Ottawa County that assures client-focused care; provides essential local services; maintains local control and unity; and includes a strong community education component with emphasis on awareness, promotion, and prevention. This system is based on continual assessment of local health needs.

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Ottawa County is located along US-81 six miles north of I-70 in North Central Kansas.

Welcome to the OCHPC Website

Welcome to the OCHPC’s website! The tabs on top are our programs areas. Helpful information on physical activity, nutrition, tobacco control, worksite wellness, family, youth, and healthcare issues can be found on there. Also, we have a resource directory that lists agencies that serve Ottawa County residents and a calendar that lists programs and events. Thank you to the Sunflower Foundation for providing grant funding to make the creation of this website possible. The Sunflower Foundation, created in 2000, is a philanthropic organization with the mission to serve as a catalyst for improving the health of Kansans, which it supports through a program of grants, awards and related activities.

Featured Articles

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  • Walk' n Wheel Exercise Club—See Physical Activity Page
  • Smoking Cost CalculatorSee Tobacco Page
Website Features

Ottawa County has many resources to offer children, adults, families, senior citizens, and professionals. The OCHPC’s Resource Directory is a wonderful place to find services provided to Ottawa County residents. Click on the words “Resource Directory” on the Left Menu Bar or click on the "Resource Directory" button above to view the directory. Each resource includes a phone number, address, website, and a brief description.

If you are looking to get involved, Ottawa County offers a variety of programs and events. To view a calendar of Ottawa County programs and events click on the word "Calendar" above or click on "Calendar" on the Left Menu Bar. Once the calendar is open, to view an event just click on it and specific information of the event will be displayed. If you would like us to post an event on the calendar, email your information to


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